The Library Shelf

Following is a a short list of helpful or interesting publications for the DIY adobero or adobera.  Detailed information about the first five has been published in a previous post.  An upcoming post will add more descriptions.

ADOBE~adobebuildityourself Build-It-Yourself by P.G. McHenry, 1973, University of AZ Press, Tucson, AZ.

Adobe Hadobehousesfortodayouses For Today by Alex and Laura Sánchez, 2001, Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM.

Nenmpassivew Mexico Passive Solar Home Temperature Survey by Jack Whittier, 1987, New Mexico Solar Energy Institute, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Earth Coearthconsthandbooknstruction Handbook~ The Building Material Earth in Modern Architecture by Gernot Minke, 2000, WIT Press, Boston and Southhampton.

Early Architecture in New Mexico by Dr. Bainbridge Bunting, Professor of Art History, University of NM, 1976, University of NM Press.

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